A Warm Welcome


Welcome to the official website of the Maltese Psychological Association (MPA). 

MPA has been set up in the late 80’s with aim of establishing the profession of psychology on the island. MPA seeks to formulate, update and maintain ethical   and professional guidelines for its members that are consonant with, and responsive to, the Maltese culture. MPA offers regular training to promote the continued professional development of its members. It also seeks to address and be involved in current discussions around social welfare issues so as provide input from research done locally by its members on a number of pertinent subjects.This website aims to serve as a link between the association, its members and people interested to know more about the field of psychology both on the island and on the international scene.



MPA, nowadays, has amongst its members, psychologists who have specialized in different areas such as clinical psychology, counseling psychology, educational psychology, social psychology, organizational psychology, health psychology and also sports psychology.

Through this website, you will find information about MPA and its activities which can be of interest to both professionals in the mental health field as well as the general public. As MPA believes in harnessing the interest in psychology from a young age, there is also a section dedicated to those students who wish to embark on a psychology degree at tertiary level. Another section aims to give information to graduates about the various opportunities that there are available to them both in terms of employment and opportunities for further training. Another important section is the ‘Find a psychologist section’ where you can access a number of warranted psychologists through their contact details. Through this website, one may also find a number of links to other psychological associations abroad as well as links to various websites of interest.



As MPA wishes to be in contact with you, you can also send us feedback or any other requests through the contact us section. We’d be happy to hear from you ways in which MPA can be of better service to the psychology community and the public.

Roberta Farrugia Debono

MPA president